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Brilliant Diamonds.

Responsibly Grown. 

Imagine the possibilities



Diamond Works Technology utilizes a commercially proven, OneStep    continuous growth process that offers significant advantages in quality, lower costs and repeatability. The OneStep process can produce large, high quality diamonds, capable of being cut into fancy shapes - products that are in high demand, but short supply. The company is well positioned to meet the growing demand for high quality lab-grown diamonds.


Our team of crystal growth experts has a long and successful track record in developing robust and repeatable growth processes and operating high volume production facilities in a number of high growth industries.


In addition to quality and price, today’s customers expect the gemstones they purchase to be traceable and sustainably produced. By leveraging our technology and supply chain expertise we are committed to developing traceable and sustainable manufacturing practices that minimize harmful effects on the environment and meet the expectations of a new generation of buyers.



Leadership Team

Our leadership team has decades of proven success in commercializing crystal growth technologies, scaling factories to volume and repeatable production, and building supply chains for advanced materials in a number of high growth industries. 


CEO and Founder

Tom provides overall executive leadership for the company in his role as CEO. He has extensive experience developing and commercializing crystal growth equipment and creating high-growth and profitable advanced materials businesses.

VP Business Development and Founder

Paul leads the Company’s business development function which focuses on leveraging and advancing its diamond growth technologies across a range of market segments. 

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VP Technology

Jayam is our VP of Technology and the key developer of the CVD diamond growth technology at Diamond Elements Pvt. Ltd., a leading supplier of high quality cut and polished lab-grown diamonds to top-tier customers. 

General Counsel and Founder

Dan leads the company’s corporate legal and contracts function. As founder, Dan played a key role in the formation of the company and in negotiating and drafting the technology partnership agreements with Diamond Elements Pvt. Ltd.

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VP Marketing and Sustainability


Jeff drives our strategic marketing and sustainability programs to establish the global Diamond Works Technology brand as a leading supplier of sustainably grown, high quality lab-grown diamonds.

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