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The diamond gemstone industry is ripe for disruption. Long dominated by a small group of mined diamond producers, the industry is undergoing a rapid shift in market segmentation with the growth of gemstone quality lab-grown diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds have the identical optical, chemical and physical characteristics of mined diamonds and represent a fast-growing segment of the diamond gemstone market. In addition to gemstones, diamond has long been recognized as a superior semiconductor material that could drive longer-term growth opportunities in markets such as power electronics, renewable energy and energy storage, and transportation.


The following headlines and articles highlight the disruptive and innovative impact lab-grown diamonds are having on the industry by offering a new generation of end customers new ways to think about and purchase diamond gemstones.

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Press Release: Diamond Works Technology, Inc. to Launch U.S.-based Lab-Grown Diamond Production. Retains investment banking firm, Global Power Partners, as exclusive financing advisor.

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Pandora's recent announcement that it would use only lab-grown diamonds going forward rocked the diamond industry. This informative video from ABC News provides a good overview of how lab-grown diamonds are created and talks about their growing popularity with consumers.


Shopping for a Diamond Is About to Change - The New York Times

The world’s most productive mine has closed, so your next piece of inexpensive jewelry probably will feature a lab-grown gem.

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